4 Reasons our Domain Spam Check is Better

One of the more common questions I receive through the support helpdesk is how Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro compares to other expired domain crawler and I can wholeheartedly state without a shadow of a doubt that Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro has far more features and functionality than anything else on the market, and it isn’t even close.

Even ignoring all of the extra functionality and money saving features (included Majestic and Moz stats, integrated searcher, included Website restoration tool and more) there is one area that DHG is far better than you may ever know.

So what is it that makes the Domain Spam Check feature of Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro better than the single competitor that offers anything like it.

1) No reliance on any “free” services

User’s of a tool may not be too concerned with where the information they are seeing is coming from providing it is reliable. With that said the problem with a lot of these free versions of paid services is that the owners of the service’s are not getting anything out of that relationship so they have no interest in making sure that it is reliable or returned in a timely fashion.

Most of what I have seen is that the few software that claim to provide Moz or Majestic stats are doing so by taking the data from the free versions of those APIs. Recently Majestic and Moz have been taking action against these freeloaders and are slowing down access to them or doling out false stats altogether to prevent the use of these free APIs.

2) Analysis of Backlink Profile

Domain Hunter Gatherer is the only expired domain searching tool that actually looks at a large amount of backlink information per domain to determine whether it is trustworthy or not. The only other tool with a feature claiming to check a domain for spam or not simply looks at some of the more common anchor texts for a tool as opposed to actually analysing a large cross section of all anchor texts and also the backlinks themselves. This gives the domain spam check in Domain Hunter Gatherer a much better picture of the overall quality of a domains’ backlinks.

3) Full output of backlink profile

Unbeknownst to a lot of users the Domain Hunter Gatherer domain spam checker will actually not just provide an overview of the checks done but will also give exact wayback machine snapshots checker, all backlinks and anchor text information found and the accompanying backlinks found.

The notes added to a domain whenever it is run through the Domain Spam Check gives an idea of why it received the rating it was given and what issues were raised. For example if there were one or 2 bad anchor texts found but there were 1000+ links analysed it may lose a star but will not be given a failing mark, this will be visible in the domain notes that are accessible (and so much more) by simply right clicking on a domain and clicking “View / Edit Domain Notes”.

4) 3 star Grading

While other domain spam checkers are happy to give a Pass / Fail type grading for domains this does not go anywhere close enough to give a real idea of whether a domain is ok or not. Some domains may have one or two questionable links that would give a fail in other checkers but if that is in the middle of thousands of clean links that should not result in a fail.

Domain Hunter Gatherer will give one of 4 rating to a domain ranging from a fail to 1, 2 or 3 stars depending on how many positives and negatives are found for a checked domain.


The above are just 4 of the things that make the Domain Hunter Gatherer domain spam check stand out from others. The first 2 points alone would be enough for me to completely disregard the results of other tools.

Not checking the actual backlink profile of a domain and relying on information from free APIs that have been known to serve up incorrect information in the very recent past is a very scary prospect, especially when you are potentially investing time and money on these expired domains.