Domain Hunter Gatherer v3 Now Available

Domain Hunter Gatherer v3
Domain Hunter Gatherer v3
The best just got better

Domain Hunter Gatherer has always been the leader in the expired domain game and it has just raised the bar with the new release of the latest version of Domain Hunter Gatherer.

Domain Hunter Gatherer v3 brings new features and a new look that will help to improve the quality and relevance of domains found as well as increasing the number of domains.

Some of the new features include:

  • New customisable Look / interface
  • Easy Expired Domains results integrated with the Hunt From Keywords tool
  • Domain Auction Hunter returns far more results
  • Expired Domain Hunter update (faster and less resource usage)
  • Many code level improvements bringing lower resource usage and faster running

Along with the above software updates DHG v3 now includes domains from Easy Expired Domains directly within the results of the Hunt from Keywords tool making it the ultimate tool for finding niche related domains bar none.

We have been releasing updates as well as video guides since release and plan many more in future. In the two weeks since v3 released we have pushed out 10 video guides and will be pushing more out every week to make using Domain Hunter Gatherer as easy as possible.

We are very excited with what DHG v3 brings to the Expired Domain and hope you are too.