Domain Auction Hunter Guide

The best part about the Domain Auction Hunter in Domain Hunter Gatherer is that it is available for all license types of DHG, even the Free license so if you are into domain auctions you have come to the right place. Watch how DHG can help you to find more auction domains to make sure… Continue reading Domain Auction Hunter Guide

Domain Hunter Gatherer v3 Install Guides

As Domain Hunter Gatherer v3 is now out it only seems fitting to post some install guides for the most common OS options. Choose the appropriate Windows version and take a look.

Domain Stat Explanations

One thing I get asked a lot is what the different quality metric stats are in reference to domains. Below I have highlighted a list of the main domain metrics as seen in my software Domain Hunter Gatherer but they are relevant to domains in general so if you are buying or selling expired domains… Continue reading Domain Stat Explanations