Moz and Majestic Domain Stats with DomDetailer

For a little over a year now Domain Hunter Gatherer has come with integration with DomDetailer for easy and cost effective checking of the more common and important domain stats that would otherwise require expensive monthly commitments to access those stats.

The stats afforded with each credit for DomDetailer are:


  • Links count
  • Referring Domains count
  • Citation Flow
  • Trust Flow


  • Links Count
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Moz Rank
  • Moz Trust

The above stats are routinely used by lots of domain buyers and sellers to determine the quality of a domain at a quick glance before looking into it more deeply.

Questions about DomDetailer in Domain Hunter Gatherer

There is one question about DomDetailer, more specifically it’s use in Domain Hunter Gatherer, that pops up far more commonly than any other. That question is; why do the Majestic stats sometimes look different in DHG compared to how it is in the Majestic site explorer.

When DomDetailer checks the Majestic stats for a domain it actually checks 3 different stats for that domain:

By Default DomDetailer will check these three variants and provide the stats of the variant with the highest TF as that is deemed the more preferable stat for checking domain quality.

It is possible to choose a specific variant of the stat to check for users that wish to always have stats from just one of the variants, just go into the Setup and Help tab and select which variant you would prefer to get the stats for.

There is a guide on how you can use DomDetailer to get cheaper Moz and Majestic stats on the DomDetailer website but everything should be setup and ready to go without any setup for all Pro users. Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro allows for up to 50k DomDetailer credits every month without any extra setup or cost.

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