Domain Hunter Gatherer Update Notes

Domain Hunter Gatherer is by far the most advanced expired domain finding tool around. Despite this we are not sitting on our laurels, we are constantly working on supporting and updating this great software to quickly quash any bugs and to add new functionality as it is requested.

Below is the full update notes so you can see for yourself just how often we update and improve upon an already incredibly impressive tool.

31-01-2024 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.24.0
* Improved: Checking of lots of gTLD based domains

18-01-2024 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.23.0
* Improved: Updated User-Agent strings
* Improved: Updated web request headers

05-12-2023 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.22.0
* Added: Some debug code

27-11-2023 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.21.0
* Improved: Fixed domain filter bug not updating list
* Improved: Dynadot returning more domains now
* Improved: Removed Bido from search as it is no longer online
* Improved: Auction Domain Hunter

24-11-2023 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.20.0
* Improved: Domain Spam Check maintenance work

21-11-2023 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.19.0
* Improved: Quick Search now also searches Origin Page and Majestic TTF values
* Improved: Whois checking for expired domain checking

15-05-2023 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.18.0
* Improved: Start up speed for large domain list checking much improved
* Improved: Auto output for domain list checking

12-05-2023 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.17.0
* Update: Crawling now supports more sites

27-04-2023 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.16.0
* Login Hotfix

26-04-2023 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.15.0
* Fixed: Update bug
* Updated: Guna UI controls library

21-04-2023 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.14.0
* Updated whois list
* Improved: Expired domain checking
* Updated: More stats options in domain list menu updated

24-03-2023 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.13.0
* Hotfix update

24-03-2023 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.12.0
* Improved: Domain unsupported extensions checking
* Fixed: Some UI issues

23-02-2023 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.11.0
* Added: More than 100 new whois servers
* Added: Much improved support for IDN domains
* Added: Much improved support for punycode domains
* Added: Ability to open TLD info page from right click menu of domains list

13-01-2023 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.10.0
* Fixed: Bug in Ahrefs stats checking
* Fixed: Bug in Ahrefs api test button
* Fixed: bug in Semrush stats checking

31-12-2022 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.9.0
* Fixed: Bug in checking Ahrefs stats where no Ahrefs account is entered
* Fixed: Domain Does not contain bug in Auction Hunter

27-10-2022 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.8.0
* Improved: DomDetailer stats checker sped up
* Fixed: Ahrefs traffic column showing backlinks bug

12-10-2022 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.7.0
* Improved: Whois servers updated
* Improved: Google Index status check update
* Improved: Domain Spam reliability changes

17-08-2022 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.6.0
* Improved: Domain Spam check

02-08-2022 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.5.0
* Added: .ch domain checking
* Improved: domain whois checking

08-06-2022 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.4.0
* Improved: UserAgent handling updated
* Improved: GoogleBot useragent updated in expired domain crawler
* Improved: Anchor Text analysing improved
* Fixed: Column Header title for Ahrefs Traffic incorrectly labeled in web2.0 account list
* Fixed: Column Header title for Ahrefs Traffic incorrectly labeled in Expired Domain list
* Fixed: Open Origin Page bug fixed

08-06-2022 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.3.0
Performance Update
* Improved: Crawling speed
* Improved: Domain availability checking speed
* Improved: CPU usage reduced

07-06-2022 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.2.0
Domain Auction Hunter Update - upto 5x as many results
* Improved: Dynadot scraping bug
* Improved: HugeDomains results
* Improved: Above results
* Improved: Flippa scraping speed
* Improved: More Flippa results
* Fixed toggling NameCheap on and off

The big day has finally arrived. Domain Hunter Gatherer v3 is here!

Take a look around and be sure to let us know what you think of the lovely newness

23-05-2022 Domain Hunter Gatherer v3.0.0.0
* New Guides - Lots now, with more to come
* Added: Easy Expired Domains results in Hunt From Keyword
* Added: New Look
* Added: Dark Added: Option to remove title bar
* Added: Option to shrink or hide tabs
* Added: .ES domain availability checking for enabled IPs
* Added: New Login system, now more secure
* Added: Useful Links on main form and User button
* Added: Ahrefs Traffic stat
* Added: Ahrefs Positions stat
* Added: Ahrefs Top 10 Positions stat
* Improved: Web request code
* Improved: Events handling for smoother UI
* Improved: Login system
* Improved: Cleaned up thread handling code
* Improved: Majestic Topical Trust Flow comes in when using Majestic API
* Improved: Settings system cleaned up
* Removed: Unused code in main form
* Removed: Alexa stats from Domain Lists due to being discontinued
* Removed: Alexa stats from Analyse tools due to being discontinued

18-01-2022 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.1.6.0
* Improved: Export to csv only outputs columns that are showing
* Improved: Export to csv outputs columns in the order they appear in software

03-12-2021 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.1.5.0
* Improved: DomDetailer integration in Analyse Domains tool
* Improved: DomDetailer integration in Expired Domain Hunter tools

18-10-2021 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.1.4.0
* Improved: Fixed Pro bundled DomDetailer credits bug

16-10-2021 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.1.2.0
* Improved: Removed unused button from UI

12-10-2021 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.1.1.0
* Improved: DomDetailer integration for Pro users

10-10-2021 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.1.0.0
* Added: NameCheap Domain Auction searching
* Improved: Sped up availability checks
* Improved: Flippa auction scraping
* Improved: Dynadot searching
* Improved: Updated browser user agent strings
* 15-20% more auction domains and far less unrelated results

25-04-2021 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.40.0
* Improved: Web2.0 Site support updated

20-04-2021 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.39.0
* Added: Toggle filters option to quickly switch between filters and no filters
* Added: Tool Tips added for remaining Advanced Settings controls
* Added: Tooltips added for all Email Notification controls
* Improved: Unsaved settings don't auto save on exit
* Improved: Removed unnecessary "Imported 0 Pages" line from Expired Domain Hunter Form when continuing a saved campaign
* Improved: Reverted crawling default encoding type back to UTF-8
* Improved: Domains blacklisted during a run will no longer be added at the end of that job

12-04-2021 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.38.0
* Added: Tool tips added for DomDetailer controls
* Added: Tool tips added for Shared Count Settings
* Added: Tool tips added for Ahrefs API Settings
* Added: Tool tips added for Majestic API Settings
* Added: Tool tips added for all Proxies Settings controls
* Improved: Updated user agents
* Improved: Improved page crawling
* Improved: Fixed removal of period at beginning of domain contains and begins with

11-02-2021 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.37.0
* Improved: Added .hk domain checking
* Added: Some whois servers for domain checking

11-12-2021 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.36.0
* Improved: Domain Spam Check Wayback machine checking
* Improved: Domain Spam Check Bad Word checking

23-11-2020 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.35.0
* Fixed: Google Index checking

22-11-2020 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.34.0
* Improved: Updated Google index status checking
* Improved: Updated Yahoo index status checking

21-11-2020 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.33.0
* Improved: Updated useragent strings for web requests

14-11-2020 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.32.0
* Improved: Changed order of checking web2.0 accounts

14-11-2020 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.31.0
* Added: Twitter checking has been re-added to the Web2.0 Hunter
* Improved: Typepad removed from Web2.0 Hunter as it no longer accepts re-registrations

14-09-2020 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.30.0
* Improved: Bing Searching

27-07-2020 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.29.0
* Hotfix: Login Issues

09-07-2020 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.27.0
* Improved: Login security improved

05-07-2020 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.26.0
* Fixed: Semrush traffic stats checking

07-06-2020 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.25.0
* Added: Auction Domain Filter - Remove Buy It Now Domains
* Added: Auction Domain Filter - Only Buy It Now Domains
* Added: Auction Domain Filter - Remove Auction Domains
* Added: Auction Domain Filter - Auction Domains Only
* Added: Auction Domain Filter - Remove Make Offer Domains
* Added: Auction Domain Filter - Make Offer Domains Only

27-05-2020 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.24.0
* Improved: Majestic stat checking when using your own Majestic account

31-03-2020 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.23.0
* Improvement: Whois server list updated

20-02-2020 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.22.0
* Added: Add TLD Filter from right clicking on a domain
* Added: Add TLD Block from right clicking on a domain
* Added: Option to enable / disable opening of registrar site on domain double click
* Improved: Warning presented on opening many registrar pages from domain list

30-01-2020 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.21.0
* Improved: Updated Form Controls Handler
* Improved: Email notification system
* Improved: Form colour handling
* Improved: Form controls not re-enabling on some cancelations of a job

06-11-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.20.0
* Added: Option to prevent auto updating of Auction Domain List
* Added: Option to prevent auto updating of Web2.0 Account List
* Added: Option to prevent auto updating of Expired Domain List
* Improved: Domain Hunting on larger lists speed increased and resource usage lowered

06-11-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.19.0
* Improved: Tumblr availability checking

01-11-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.18.0
* Fixed: Updated Moz API handling code

10-10-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.17.0
* Improved: Majestic API fixes
* Improved: Removed erroneus input box

06-10-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.16.0
* Improved: Tumblr fix

03-10-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.15.0
* Improved: "Current Pending Job" text removed rom status bar to prevent confusion
* Improved: Tumblr hunting now running on 404 detection temporarily

06-09-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.14.0
* Improved: Backup in EDH now runs in it's own thread
* Improved: Backup in EDH won't corrupt on force shut

30-08-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.13.0
* Improved: Opening webpage improvements and safety guards
* Improved: Search region and language bug fix

11-08-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.12.0
* Improved: Twitter account checking

26-06-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.11.0
* Updated Bido auction domain scraper
* Huge Domains pulling twice as many domains per search
* Fixed Flippa scraping
* Improved Godaddy auction hunter

14-06-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.10.0
* Improved: availability checking

16-05-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.9.0
* Improved: Campaign continuing improved

16-05-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.8.0
* Added: Colour Mask Picker for improved accessibility

15-05-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.7.0
* Improved: Multiple files as individual jobs function improved

14-05-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.6.0
* Improved: Added Anchor checking to Analyse Domains controls

09-05-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.5.0
* Improved: Fixed Domain Spam analysis option

17-04-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.4.0
* Improved: Column order and states saving and loading on exit and startup

10-04-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.3.0
* Improved: Added in option to Analyse for Ahrefs Domain Rank

03-04-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.2.0
* Improved: Instance naming works as expected again
* Improved: Resizing form resizes Auction Domains List as expected
* Improved: Removed erroneus button from Domain Auction Hunter form

31-03-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.1.0
* Improved: Fixed bug in Free version on startup

30-03-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v2.0.0.0
* Added: Create List tool for creating lists of domains and web2.0 accounts
* Added: Notification system for when crawl job ends
* Added: Open DomRecovery directly from within DHG
* Added: Option to show domains while job is currently running
* Improved: Status bar and tools now display correctly
* Improved: Resizing form is now much smoother
* Improved: Removed "Refresh list" buttons
* Improved: Quick Filter option uses watermark instead of label
* Improved: Domain Auction Hunter no longer locks the form while running
* Improved: Web2.0 Hunter no longer locks form while running
* Improved: Expired Domain Hunter no longer locks form while running
* Improved: Adding domains to lists is now more efficient
* Improved: Starting Domain Auction Hunter jobs is quicker and more efficient
* Improved: Starting Web2.0 Hunter jobs is quicker and more efficient
* Improved: Starting Expired Domain Hunter jobs is quicker and more efficient
* Improved: Results from Domain Auction Hunter are added to form as they are found
* Improved: Results from Web2.0 Hunter are added to form as they are found
* Improved: Results from Expired Domain Hunter are added to form as they are found
* Improved: Refreshing Domain Lists is now much quicker
* Improved: auction scraping
* Improved: HugeDomains results scraping
* Fixed: Campaign Saving bug
* Improved: Non-DomDetailer based stats now hidden by default
* Improved: Reordered columns domain lists
* Improved: Analyse options only shown when column for the respective stat is visible
* Removed: "Unchecked" option from domains type in Analyse Domains tabs
* Removed: Google+ from stats list
* Removed: Twitter from stats list
* Much More: Lots of smaller code improvements have been made to improve the flow of code running jobs

11-02-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.99.0
* Improved: Removed governement level TLD checking

02-01-2019 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.98.0
* Improved: Changed label on Ahrefs Account signup link
* Improved: Fixed bug in option to hide finished auction domains

20-11-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.97.0
* Improved: Login improvement
* Improved: Expired Domain Hunter code flow
* Improved: Removed unused code in EDH

11-10-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.96.0
* Improved: Fixed Blacklist issue in Web2.0 Hunter

06-10-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.95.0
* Improved: Cleaned up some older code
* Improved: Domain Auction Scraper code

28-07-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.94.0
* Improved: Sorting by auction end date now works as expected

23-07-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.93.0
* Improved: Reliability of Wordpress account availability checking

20-06-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.92.0
* Improved: Ahrefs integration link fixed

03-06-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.91.0
* Improved: Tumblr checking improved
* Improved: Proxy handling
* Improved: Web2.0 checking code flow
* Improved: DomDetailer handling

20-05-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.90.0
* Improved: Added Upgrade image to Premium tools for Free users
* Improved: Added Upgrade image to Professional tools for Free and Premium users

15-05-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.89.0
* Improved: Proxy validation
* Improved: Saving analysis settings
* Improved: Apply search settings in Expired Domain Hunter

24-04-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.88.0
* Added: Option to disable proxy validation when saving settings

13-04-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.87.0
* Improved: Fixed issue that could cause a crash at the end of a Web2.0 search

12-04-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.86.0
* Added: Option to disable backup while running a job
* Added: Option to skip crawling a site if no domains found after X pages

25-03-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.85.0
* Added: Ability to stop all multi-file jobs with a single click viz Stop button
* Added: Ability to skip on a file of a multi-file job via the Skip File Button
* Added: Indicator of what file is being crawled to title bar

20-03-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.84.0
* Added: Ability to crawl page lists individually
* Added: Ability to crawl any amount of domains in a single job
* Improved: Domain crawling process

10-02-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.83.0
* Improved: Majestic stats checking when using Majestic account

23-01-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.82.0
* Improved: Added some code to crawling methods

12-01-2018 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.81.0
* Improved: Added domain Blacklist support to Domain Auction Hunter

27-12-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.80.0
* Improved: Cleaned up some UI elements
* Improved: Preparing for new whois system

27-12-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.79.0
* Improved: Better login process

16-12-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.78.0
* Improved: Stat checking improvements
* Improved: Some groundwork for avail checking improvements

25-11-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.77.0
* Improved: Import from file now accepts multiple files import

16-11-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.76.0
* Improved: Web2.0 enabled list now saving correctly
* Improved: Web2.0 site list selects full row
* Improved: Web2.0 site list now has right click menu

24-10-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.75.0
* Improved: Direct link to from domains list (right-click menu)

17-10-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.74.0
* Improved: Removed ad checking
* Improved: Whois list download code

30-09-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.73.0
* Improved: Updated sg checking
* Improved: Updated checking

31-08-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.72.0
* Improved: Small UI improvements

30-08-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.71.0
* Improved: Expired Domain Hunter bug fixed

28-08-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.70.0
* Improved: Handling of larger lists of domains
* Improved: Small improvements to importing campaign
* Improved: Fixed DomDetailer bug for twitter accounts

06-08-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.69.0
* Improved: Increased speed with large crawl lists
* Improved: Increased speed with large domain lists
* Improved: Lowered CPU usage for large lists in Expired Domain Hunter
* Improved: Removed some superfluous code

01-08-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.68.0
* Improved: Sped up crawling on longer runs

31-07-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.67.0
* Improved: Importing domains sped up while keeping CPU usage low

16-07-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.66.0
* Improved: Reduced CPU usage on high thread counts
* Improved: Login system changes
* Improved: Whois list updated

16-07-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.65.0
* Improved: Fixed statup error

15-07-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.64.0
* Improved: Updated Whois list for better domain availability accuracy
* Improved: Cleared up some controls in Setup and Help tab

11-07-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.63.0
* Improved: Bing Searching
* Improved: Yahoo Searching

04-07-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.62.0
* Improved: Speed and accuracy of domain checking
* Improved: Detector of unusable DNS servers exceptions

24-06-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.61.0
* Improved: Usability for non-Pro users

17-06-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.60.0
* Improved: Removed defunct DMOZ
* Improved: Simplified Analyse domains lists
* Improved: Login system

30-05-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.59.0
* Improved: Updated Wayback use in Domain Spam Check
* Improved: Login system

13-05-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.58.0
* Improved: Check for malformed proxy inputs when saving proxies

11-05-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.57.0
* Improved: Encoding support improvements in web request code
* Improved: Improved Proxy handling for poor proxy input

29-04-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.56.0
* Improved: Fixed crash bug in Web2.0 Hunter due to Windows internet connecion setup faults
* Improved: Updated Code Signing Certificate

18-04-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.55.0
* Improved: Streamlined domain availability checking
* Improved: Hidden unused Web2.0 Setup tab

27-03-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.54.0
* Improved: Crawl code improved
* Improved: Domain extraction improved
* Improved: Threading code for crawlers improved
* Improved: Numerous TLDs added
* Improved: TLD filtering improved

17-03-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.53.0
* Improved: Suppressed JS error on startup

16-03-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.52.0
* Improved: Added new whois server for numerous TLDs
* Improved: Better availability checking on some TLDs
* Improved: Extra checks for file locks on settings file

04-03-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.51.0
* Improved: Added support for .ar domains

03-03-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.50.0
* Improved: Must Contains list reliability

19-02-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.49.0
* Improved: Domain Does Not Contain Filter option in Add Filter Form
* Improved: Changed size of text in Filter List

06-02-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.48.0
* Improved: Accuracy of Twitter account checking
* Improved: TLD Disallow feature in domain list now works as expected checking the exact TLD

05-02-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.47.0
* Improved: Ahrefs Domain Rank bug fixed

29-01-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.46.0
* Improved: Auction Domain list resize issue
* Improved: Ahrefs Domain Rank bug

22-01-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.45.0
* Improved: Crawl Level controls expanded
* Improved: Google Index status checkingreliability
* Improved: Google Mentions checker
* Improved: Google Links counter
* Improved: Size of domains / accounts list to show horizontal scrollbars more clearly

21-01-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.44.0
* Improved: Positioning of controls with Windows scaling

19-01-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.43.0
* Improved: Made thread controls visible onhgh DPI monitors with text scaling

09-01-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.42.0
* Improved: Tumblr checking improved accuracy
* Improved: Twitter checking improved accuracy
* Improved: LiveJournal availability checking accuracy improved
* Improved: Web request code max lines increased

07-01-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.41.0
* Improved: Fixed bug in setting up domain link when importing from csv

06-01-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.40.0
* Improved: Temporarily disabled domains
* Improved: Default bad word list cleaned up slightly

02-01-2017 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.39.0
* Improved: Twitter links now correct
* Improved: Opening Twitter accounts directly from the software now works correctly

31-12-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.38.0
* Improved: Twitted account checking improved

30-12-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.37.0
* Improved: Tumblr account availability verification re-implemented

28-12-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.36.0
* Improved: Favourite column is now able to be hidden and / or disabled
* Improved: availability checking improved
* Improved: .nl availability checking improved

22-12-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.35.0
* Improved: Bug in filtering fixed

22-12-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.34.0
* Improved: Domain Contains filter now works as an OR type filter
* Improved: Small search improvement

21-12-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.33.0
* Improved: CSV output
* Improved: CSV import

08-12-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.32.0
* Improved: Expired Domain Hunter backup log files output every 5 minutes
* Improved: Log output timer stops when outputting log
* Improved: Small change to proxy credentials use on proxies without login user / pass
* Improved: Added Moz Spam Score to stats as detected when an expired domain is found
* Improved: Added Majestic Topical Trust Flow to stats as detected when an expired domain is found
* Improved: Removed .gm domain checking due to removal of public whois server
* Improved: Small changes to domain analysis
* Improved: Ahrefs domain level checking issue

29-11-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.31.0
* Improved: Importing of domains from csv now includes Domain Spam Rating
* Improved: Importing of domains from csv now correctly imports Age
* Improved: Reseting column order from right click menu improved to include new columns

28-11-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.30.0
* Improved: Moz Spam Score adjustment

28-11-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.29.0
* Added: Moz Spam Score to DomDetailer
* Added: Majestic Topical Trust Flow to DomDetailer
* Added: Tripod double checking
* Improved: Tripod availability checking

27-11-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.28.0
* Improved: Domain Spam Check minimum TF now lowerd to 5
* Improved: Changed label of "Check Credits" button for DomDetailer to "Check Balance"

17-11-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.27.0
* Improved: Google searching returning more results on proxies

17-11-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.26.0
* Improved: Debugging option added
* Improved: Removed checking of .eg domains

15-11-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.25.0
* Improved: Small improvements to web access code
* Improved: Premium license purchase page now remains logged into user account
* Improved: Pro license purchase page now remains logged into user account

07-11-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.24.0
* Improved: Consolidated View notes and Edit Domain Notes options

03-11-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.23.0
* Improved: Fixed bug in domain analysis

30-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.22.0
* Added: More debug functions

29-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.21.0
* Improved: Domain Analysis bug

29-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.20.0
* Improved: Bad words in content improvements
* Improved: Anchor text analysis bug fixed
* Improved: Anchor text analysis faster and less system usage

25-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.19.0
* Improved: Fixed bug in Yahoo search in some Language / Region combinations
* Improved: Fixed bug in Bing search in some Language / Region combinations
* Improved: Google search better handling of regional variances

22-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.18.0
* Improved: Fixed anchor text %age values in domain spam check notes
* Improved: Domain Contains filter now separatable by comma
* Improved: Domain Does Not Contain filter added
* Improved: All Domains now have case lowered when adding to domain list

20-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.17.0
* Improved: Minimum Majestic TF for domain spam check now TF 7
* Improved: Domain Spam Check notes now shows anchor text breakdown
* Improved: Changed label of "Availability Checker Threads" to "Checking / Availability Threads" for better clarity
* Improved: Export Expired Domain Hunting Campaign now taken out of beta phase

19-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.16.0
* Improved: Domain Analysis now more accurate and reliable
* Improved: Domain Analysis stricter timeout

17-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.15.0
* Improved: Weebly web2.0 checking improved
* Fixed: Analyse domains function bug

16-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.14.0
* Improved: Invalid domain removal improved
* Improved: Added payday related badwords to domain spam check list

11-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.13.0
* Improved: Edit Notes Form now multi line enabled (CTRL+N when highlighting a domain)

11-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.12.0
* Improved: Small tweaks and improvements to DomDetailer integration

10-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.10.0
* Added: Social Stats for domains are now included along with Moz and Majestic
Social Stats included are below:
Facebook Shares
Facebook Comments
Google +1s
Pinterest Pins
LinkedIn Shares
* Improved: Removed some discontinued social share stats

06-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.9.0
* Improved: DomDetailer "highest" option removed to improve overall accuracy of results
* Improved: Domain Spam Check improved to detect low link figures
* Improved: Domain Spam Check improved to detect site wide links
* Improved: Expired Domain Crawler

05-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.8.0
* Improved: Domain Spam check analysing more recent wayback machine snapshots
* Improved: Added short delay between wayback machine checks in domain spam check to prevent IP burning

04-10-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.7.0
* Improved: .it domain checking bug fix

27-09-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.6.0
* Improved: Small DomDetailer integration update

27-09-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.5.0
* Improved: Login and API handling for non-standard email addresses
* Improved: Domain Spam Check filter when being used with TLD based filters bug fix

27-09-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.4.0
* Improved: Removed unnecessary file output code
* Improved: Expired Domain Crawler

27-09-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.3.0
* Improved: Added Domain Spam Quality Filter option
* Improved: Removed PR filter option
* Improved: Streamlined Whois calls
* Improved: Proxy handling for efficiency
* Improved: Invalid domain detection
* Improved: Crawling code for better efficiency
* Improved: Domain Spam Check Wayback checker
* Improved: Domain Spam Bad Words checker
* Improved: Sorting of Spam Checked Domains

16-09-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.2.0
* Improved: Domain Spam rating now correctly output to csv file

15-09-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.1.0
* Improved: Domain Quality Check Improved

10-09-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.7.0.0
* Added: Spam Domain Check
* Added: View Domain Notes option to right-click menu
* Improved: Updated whois server for bi TLDs
* Improved: More efficient whois call checking
* Improved: Added availability checking
* Improved: Added availability checking
* Improved: Added availability checking
* Improved: Added availability checking
* Improved: Added availability checking
* Improved: Added availability checking
* Improved: Added many more domain TLDs
* Improved: Removed PR column from domain lists

23-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.46.0
* Improved: Added dedicated whois server for domains
* Improved: Added new whois server for bz domains
* Improved: Removed dis-continued whois server for mc domains
* Improved: Removed dis-continued whois server for ge domains
* Improved: Removed dis-continued whois server for az domains
* Improved: Removed dis-continued whois server for ba domains

20-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.45.0
* Improved: Updated whois server for .uy domains
* Improved: Updated whois server for .mk domains
* Improved: Expired Domain Crawler

15-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.44.0
* Improved: Searching pages error checking
* Improved: Removed .gr TLD
* Improved: Removed unregisterable .us TLDs
* Improved: Better resetting of unavailable variable in expired domain checking
* Improved: Updated .pro TLD whois server
* Improved: Updated TLD whois server
* Improved: Updated .se TLD whois server
* Improved: Removed TLD

13-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.43.0
* Improved: .ir TLD availability checking
* Improved: Domain availability checking overall
* Improved: TLD availability checking
* Improved: TLD availability checking

12-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.42.0
* Improved: Pop-up on form closing when not using proxies has been removed
* Improved: Dynamic twitter pages now correctly identified as a single page
* Improved: .coop TLDs re-checked for validity

09-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.41.0
* Improved: Moz handling improved to get around their recent changes

08-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.40.0
* Improved: Detail Checking
* Improved: Getting DomDetailer stats

05-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.39.0
* Added: "Domain Contains" Filter option
* Added: "Domain Starts With" Filter option
* Added: "Domain Ends With" Filter option

26-07-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.38.0
* Improved: DomDetailer database upgraded and moved
* Improved: DomDetailer use in DHG streamlined
* Improved: Small improvements to Expired Domain Hunter
* Improved: Expired Domain Crawler

21-07-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.37.0
* Improved: Removed Tumblr double check till another method is found
* Improved: Auto save for crawl level of "Hunt From Keywords"
* Improved: Auto save for crawl level of "Hunt From Websites"
* Improved: Auto save for crawl level of "Reverse Hunt Domains"
* Improved: Auto save filters for Domain Auction Hunter
* Improved: Auto save filters for Web2.0 Hunter
* Improved: Auto save filters for Expired Domain Hunter

12-07-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.36.0
* Improved: Adding an empty TLD filter will no longer show an exception error
* Improved: Adding multiple TLDs more reliable

03-07-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.35.0
* Improved: Better handling of many threads
* Improved: Searching bug fix
* Improved: Whois requests to non limiting servers will not use proxies
* Improved: Increased Reverse crawl to include up to 10,000 webpages

03-07-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.34.0
* Improved: Fixed Domain availability checking bug
* Improved: Expired Domain Crawler

01-07-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.33.0
* Improved: Google searching now more reliable
* Improved: Google searching uses less CPU resources
* Improved: Bing searching more accurate results
* Improved: Bing searching uses less CPU resources
* Improved: Yahoo searching more accurate results
* Improved: Yahoo searching uses less CPU resources
* Improved: Double check phase of web2.0 won't occur if not necessary (saves time)

24-06-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.32.0
* Improved: Weebly double check feature fix

23-06-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.31.0
* Improved: Availability checking of domains with low number of proxies

17-06-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.30.0
* Improved: Fixed Ahrefs bug in checking metrics
* Improved: Expired Domain Crawler

14-06-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.29.0
* Improved: Increased allowed 301 redirects to 10 per page request
* Improved: Recognise and follow http redirects
* Improved: Lots of crawling improvements
* Improved: Added some TLDs to master list

14-06-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.28.0
* Improved: Fixed issue with loading webpage lists with invalid domains to Expired Domain Hunter

13-06-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.27.0
* Added: TLS 1.2 support when .NET4.5 is installed (optional)
* Added: SSL / TLS support indicator to status bar
* Added: Remove Blacklisted Domains option to domain list right click menu
* Improved: Crawling improvements
* Improved: DomDetailer indicator added to API label
* Improved: Fixed auto-saving of deleted domains on form closing

12-06-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.26.0
* Improved: Proxy reliability
* Improved: Crawling speed on low number of proxies
* Improved: Other small crawling related improvements

10-06-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.25.0
* Improved: Fixed encoding bug in web request code

05-06-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.24.0
* Improved: Expired Domain Hunter availability checker
* Improved: Increased finished job queue max size to improve performance on highly threaded systems
* Improved: Website ID checking in Expired Domain Hunter
* Improved: Lowered time to process scraped page lists on deep crawls (2+ levels)
* Improved: Fixed proxy handling issue

05-06-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.23.0
* Improved: Huge improvements to highy threaded setups (100+ threads)

05-06-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.22.0
* Improved: Massive improvments to crawling code for much better performance

04-06-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.21.0
* Improved: Fixes to advanced crawler method

04-06-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.20.0
* Improved: Better handling of incorrect formatting when using Check from Websites feature
* Improved: Fixed application of timeout settings

02-06-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.19.0
* Added: account checking
* Improved: Fixed Moz DA when using Moz API
* Improved: Fixed Moz PA when using Moz API
* Improved: Fixed Twitter stat checking when using Moz API

31-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.18.0
* Improved: Fixed small issue in new crawling code that would cause some profiles to end prematurely on fast connections

29-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.17.0
* Improved: Removed some reserved twitter accounts from being checked
* Improved: Increased max thread limits (use at own risk)
* Improved: Increased Service Point Max connection limit

26-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.16.0
* Improved: Removed tumblr double check controls due to not being needed anymore
* Improved: Added advanced crawling method
* Improved: TLD (Disallow) now blocks all variants of filtered TLD

23-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.15.0
* Improved: DomDetailer better handling of twitter accounts

20-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.14.0
* Added: Checking for expired Twitter accounts
* Improved: Fixed name label of Domain Auction Hunter

19-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.12.0
* Improved: Better crawling of websites that block bots
* Improved: Expired Domain Crawler

17-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.11.0
* Improved: Form name now applied correctly on start up
* Improved: Instance name added to Web2.0 Hunter form title
* Improved: Instance name added to Expired Domain Hunter form title

16-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.10.0
* Improved: Reverse Crawl for domains not pulling links for some users
* Improved: Pressing Enter key in Reverse crawl now starts reverse crawl

15-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.9.0
* Updated: Whois Server list
* Updated: Domain TLD list
* Improved: Auto removing government domains by default

14-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.8.0
* Added: TLD (Disallow) filter now applied before checking availability of domain in Expired Domain Hunter

10-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.7.0
* Added: Reverse Crawl option to Crawl from Websites Expired Domain Hunter
* Improved: Changed "Crawl Website" label to "Crawl Website(s)"

09-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.6.0
* Improved: Removed bad domains from scrape
* Improved: Fixed delete domain bug

08-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.5.0
* Added: Option for DomDetailer to use specific Majestic variant stats
* Improved: Removed Image adverts from Settings tab
* Improved: Removed Image advert from Domain Auction Hunter

05-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.4.0
* Improved: Fixed Expired Domain Hunter crawl bug

02-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.3.0
* Improved: TLD list update
* Improved: Whois list update

01-05-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.2.0
* Improved: Fixed bug in Social Media analysis

30-04-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.1.0
* Added: Link to visit twitter search page for selected domain(s)
* Added: Right Click menu option to go to Twitter search page for selected domain(s)
* Improved: Removed Twitter options from Analysis service list
* Improved: Removed outdated checking of Twitter shares
* Improved: Expired Domain Hunter bug fixed

28-04-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.6.0.0
* Added: Custom crawling method
* Improved: Copy Domains to clipboard
* Improved: Copy Domains to .txt
* Improved: Copy Domains to .csv
* Improved: Analysis speed of domains when using "Selected Domains" option
* Improved: Support for imported domains including http:// and https://

23-04-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.32.0
* Removed: PR analysis due to it being discontinued
* Added: Blurpalicious web2.0 account checking
* Improved: Proxy checker better indication of working and non-working proxies
* Added: More correction checks to Export Campaign
* Added: Re-Check available Web2.0 accounts from right-click menu
* Added: Re-Check available Expired Domains from right-click menu
* Improved: Handling errors in Campaign import

20-04-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.31.0
* Improved: Fixed Svbtle checking
* Improved: Fixed: Removed Blurpalicious due to site being down
* Improved: Expired Domain Crawler

16-04-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.30.0
* Improved: Web2.0 availability checker thread locking bug
* Improved: Web2.0 searching bug
* Improved: high CPU usage
* Improved: Web2.0 Search ending times

09-04-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.29.0
* Added: Domain Blacklist to prevent re-checking of unwanted domains
* Added: Buy DomDetailer credits button has been reinstated
* Improved: File inut for secondary proxy list now is single line
* Improved: Fixed Remove Sorting right click option

07-04-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.28.0
* Improved: Web2.0 finishing time greatly increased
* Improved: Tumblr account double checking integrated into availability checking phase
* Improved: Better support for standardising lines
* Improved: Load proxies from file better support for loading from URL

07-04-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.27.0
* Improved: Update TLD list
* Improved: Updated Whois List
* Improved: Expired domain checker

04-04-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.26.0
* Added: Better footprints for all web2.0 platforms
* Added: Another DomDetailer server
* Improved: Moz PA analyse option fixed

03-04-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.25.0
* Improved: Fixed userAgent bug

03-04-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.24.0
* Improved: Searching progress indicator now correctly shows 100% when finished
* Improved: UserAgent handling in searching
* Improved: UserAgent handling in Web2.0 Hunting
* Improved: UserAgent handling in Expired Domain Hunter
* Improved: UserAgent handling in Availability Checker
* Improved: Save button added to Web2.0 Hunter Search Settings
* Improved: Ability to save Custom Date search settings in Web2.0 Hunter
* Improved: Ability to save Custom Date search settings in Expired Domain Hunter
* Improved: Ability to save search engine settings in Web2.0 Hunter
* Improved: Ability to save search engine settings in Expired Domain Hunter

30-03-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.23.0
* Improved: Removed pop-ups in Web2.0 hunter
* Improved: Svbtle checking improved
* Improved: Added Select All option to domains right-click menu
* Improved: Added Deselect All option to domains right-click menu
* Improved: Added Invert Selection option to domains right click menu

26-03-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.22.0
* Improved: Web2.0 improved results
* Improved: Expired Domain Hunter finding domains from keywords
* Improved: Searching in google for more results
* Improved: Better longevity of proxies in Web2.0 hunter
* Improved: Better longevity of proxies in Expired Domain Hunter

25-03-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.21.0
* Improved: Whois List update for Expired Domain Hunter
* Improved: TLD list update for Expired Domain Hunter
* Improved: Expired Domain Crawler

25-03-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.20.0
* Improved: Web2.0 Double Check Feature
* Improved: Unneeded message box pop-up in web2.0 removed

24-03-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.19.0
* Improved: DomDetailer integration

21-03-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.18.0
* Improved: web2.0 searching code
* Improved: Expired Domain Hunter searching code

16-03-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.17.0
* Improved: .pt TLD checking
* Improved: TLD checking

16-03-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.16.0
* Improved: DomDetailer integration

11-03-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.15.0
* Added: Save Column Order to file otpion from right click menu
* Added: Load Column Order to file otpion from right click menu
* Added: Reset Column Order to Default otpion from right click menu
* Improved: Changed Web2.0 Hunter tab labels to "Accounts" from "Domains"
* Improved: Changed Expired Domain Hunter Import label from "Auctions" to "Domains"

07-03-08-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.14.0
* Improved: Web2.0 Tumblr and Weebly account check video guides
* Improved: Ahrefs OpenApps code integration

07-03-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.13.0
* Improved: Tumblr Double check account test
* Improved: Weebly Double check account test
* Improved: Regex issue causing thread lockups
* Improved: Thread issue causing high CPU usage

02-03-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.12.0
* Improved: Weebly Double Check for non-English speaking regions

01-03-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.11.0
* Improved: CSV Export accuracy
* Improved: CSV Import error handling

29-02-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.10.0
* Improved: Web2.0 Hunter Double Check available accounts reporting
* Improved: Crawling code for better handling of vague links

28-02-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.9.0
* Improved: No longer using proxies for paid for services
* Improved: Weebly double check
* Improved: Updated TLDs
* Improved: Web2.0 Double Check feature
* Improved: Tumblr double checking process

20-02-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.8.0
* Improved: Tripod availability checking
* Improved: Log folder creation if deleted or moved
* Improved: Log output reliability with non standard filenames

16-02-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.7.0
* Added: Select All to right click menu of Analyse Domains controls
* Added: Deselect All to right click menu of Analyse Domains controls
* Added: Auto Save of domains when exiting the software
* Added: Auto Loading of domains from previous session
* Added: Pause button to Web2.0 Hunter

14-02-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.6.0
* Improved: Availability Detection for .il domains

14-02-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.5.0
* Improved: Malformed domain handling for better availability accuracy
* Improved: Handling of IDN domains

10-02-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.4.0
* Improved: Web2.0 Hunter Form
* Improved: TLD list for Expired Domain Hunter

07-02-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.3.0
* Improved: Cleaned the TLD list again
* Improved: Added more checks to domain name to remove invalid domains before checking
* Improved: Web2.0 Hunter Double Check Feature

06-02-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.2.0
* Added: Extra domain availability checks
* Added: Improvements to find unavailable domains quicker
* Added: New common bad domain filters
* Improved: Log viewer now wider to make it easier to read
* Improved: Error correction in main form controls
* Improved: Better ListView Column order saving

25-01-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.1.0
* Added: Ability to search for expired domains from multiple files
* Added: Ability to search for Web2.0s from multiple files
* Added: Ability to copy domains by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C

25-01-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.5.0.0
* Added: Actual availability checking for Tumblr accounts
* Added: Actual availability checking for Weebly accounts
* Added: Controls for inputting web2.0 accounts for double checking
* Added: Download button for DomRecovery (Pro Users)
* Added: Link to DomDetailer website on Main Window
* Added: DomDetailer credit purchase button in Settings tab
* Improved: Finish time of Auction Hunter
* Improved: Web2.0 Hunter now checking with higher accuracy
* Improved: Web2.0 Hunter now completes more reliably of list before finishing
* Improved: Loading in speed of all types of domains
* Improved: Deleting speed of all domain types
* Improved: Removed unnecessary refresh of auction list when deleting domains
* Improved: Cookie handling in web request code

21-01-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.65.0
* Improved: DomDetailer vast improvements to accuracy
* Improved: Web2.0 Hunter ends correctly

14-01-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.64.0
* Added: Output of available web2.0 accounts while scraping (Sent to Log folder)
* Added: Save Campaign to Expired Domain Hunter for continuing a scrape at a later date
* Improved: Button anchoring in Web2.0 hunter
* Improved: Importing huge lists of pages for crawling (5mil +)
* Improved: Ending time of Web2.0 Hunter

12-01-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.63.0
* Added: Pause button to Expired Domain Hunter

12-01-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.62.0
* Improved: Edit notes of multiple domains at once
* Improved: Hit "N" key to edit notes
* Improved: When Editing Notes hit Enter key to save notes to domain(s)

11-01-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.61.0
* Added: Notes can be written and saved for all domains
* Added: Button to open Youtube Video guides
* Added: Button to open exclusive deals on Proxies, hosting, domain registration and other webmaster services
* Added: Link button to homepage
* Added: Link button to members area
* Improved: Csv output accuracy
* Improved: Maj CF/TF display editable bug

09-01-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.60.0
* Added: Import from csv option
* Improved: Output csv option for better compatibility
* Improved: Csv output of anchors, page of origin and other aspects of domains

02-01-2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.59.0
* Added: Output domain list with stats while searching expired domains
* Added: Indicator of amount of domains meet filter requirements
* Improved: Cannot accidentally stop crawling with key press events

27-12-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.58.0
* Added: Option to block domains based on specific TLDs
* Improved: Removing of comments within html less CPU intensive now

13-12-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.57.0
* Improved: Footprint handling web2.0 hunter
* Improved: Faster closing of web2.0 hunter when finished

11-12-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.56.0
* Improved: Extra character handling in web requesting code
* Improved: Better thread handling throughout
* Improved: Better handling of keywords for Expired Domain Searching
* Improved: Better handling of footprints for Expired Domain Searching

08-12-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.55.0
* Improved: Handling of footprints in searching
* Improved: Saving of footprints now works as expected
* Improved: Added empty footprint for expired domain searching for laser targeted niche domains
* Improved: Better handling of importing keywords and separating individual keywords
* Improved: Import search keywords for expired domain from clipboard
* Improved: Import search keywords for expired domain from file
* Improved: Search keyword confirmation screen for expired domain searching

30-11-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.54.0
* Improved: Added Moz Page Authority as a filter option

29-11-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.53.0
* Improved: Domain Availability Fallback for when ISP has non-standard DNS error reporting

18-11-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.52.0
* Improved: Filtering of TLDs

16-11-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.51.0
* Improved: Google Searching
* Improved: Running without proxies
* Improved: Proxy handling in web requesting code
* Improved: Domain Filtering controls
* Improved: Added Filtering by Majestic Cf / TF Ratio
* Fixed: Bug that required manual stopping of domain crawl from keywords when finished

27-10-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.50.0
* Improved: Auction Hunter Export Filters button text clarified
* Improved: Web2.0 Hunter Export Filters button text clarified
* Improved: Expired Domain Hunter Export Filters button text clarified

23-10-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.49.0
* Improved: .sk expired domain checking
* Improved: .in expired domain checking
* Improved: expired domain checking

15-10-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.48.0
* Added: Option to ignore any links inside a commented section of html
* Improved: Google search scraping

06-10-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.47.0
* Improved: Expired Domain Hunter running for stability

06-10-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.46.0
* Added: CF / TF Ratio column for Domain Auction Hunter
* Added: CF / TF Ratio column for Web2.0 Account Hunter
* Added: CF / TF Ratio column for Expired Domain Hunter
* Fixed: Web2.0 Analyse button now disables correctly to prevent multiple concurrent analysis of web2.0 accounts

05-10-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.45.0
* Fixed: Crash bug on startup

01-10-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.44.0
* Added: DomDetailer Test button to check settings are correct
* Added: DomDetailer Check Balance button to see how many credits are left on the account

29-09-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.43.0
* Improved: DomDetailer improved for speed and memory usage

27-09-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.42.0
* Improved: Web2.0 Account Analysis
* Improved: Domain Analysis for domains from Domain Auction Hunter

25-09-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.41.0
* Added: Ability to check Anchor text of link to expired domain with Analyse Domain Feature

18-09-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.40.0
* Improved: Fixed Off-Site crawling option question when crawling a single website
* Improved: Expired Domain checking of domains in queue when last page has been crawled
* Improved: Better memory use when scraping for expired domains
* Improved: Lower CPU usage when scraping expired domains
* Improved: Large amounts of expired domain hunting code

17-09-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.39.0
* Improved: Removed Off-site question when it is at irrelevant crawl depths (Expired Domaing Hunter)
* Improved: Crawling of websites from a file at crawl depth of 0
* Improved: Expired Domain Hunter worker threading code

16-09-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.38.0
* Updated: OverBlog web2.0 checking
* Updated: All footprints of web2.0 platforms
* Updated: Web2.0 platform checker thread setup for better efficiency

13-09-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.37.0
* Updated: Jimdo web2.0 checking
* Improved: Weebly web2.0 checking
* Improved: DotBlog web2.0 checking
* Improved: Tumblr web2.0 checking
* Improved: Blogspot web2.0 checking

03-09-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.36.0
* Added: Support for finding .pl domains

03-09-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.35.0
* Improved: Web request code
* Improved: CPU usage reduced with no impact to speed

22-08-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.34.0
* Improved: Better support for overblog web2.0 platform
* Improved: Reporting of number of available web2.0s at the end of a crawl

21-08-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.33.0
* Improved: "Must contain" controls in Expired Domain Hunter
* Improved: Google indexed status now showing as unchecked as opposed to not indexed after a scrape

21-08-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.32.0
* Improved: Csv output, fixed origin page not showing
* Improved: Csv output: Moz Trust
* Improved: Csv output: Moz Rank

20-08-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.31.0
* Improved: Increased time delay between outputting of available domains while hunting to 30mins to lower CPU usage and any potential delays

17-08-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.30.0
* Removed: Temporarily removed checking of Google indexed status whenever a available domain is found. This is due to Google blocking IPs very quickly, it will be reinstated with a smarter mechanism to prevent IP blocks soon.

17-08-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.29.0
* Added: Saving of available domains while still checking so none are lost due to an unexpected close

11-08-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.28.0
* Added: Wikidot support to Web 2.0 Hunter

10-08-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.27.0
* Improved: Overblog account detection
* Improved: Updated 15 of the web2.0 accounts

07-08-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.26.0
* Improved:

07-08-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.25.0
* Improved: Removed CPU usage bug

06-08-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.24.0
* Improved: Removed issue with threads continuing after clicking "STOP"

03-08-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.23.0
* Improved: DomDetailer options saving bug
* Improved: Rewriting of large parts of website crawling code
* Improved: Rewriting of some parts of threading handling

31-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.22.0
* Improved: Free Moz account integration in Web2.0 Hunter
* Improved: Free Moz account integration in Expired Domain Hunter

26-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.21.0
* Improved: Web2.0 Hunter Moz integration

24-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.20.0
* Improved: DomDetailer bug in Pro version

21-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.19.0
* Improved: Small change to how the start domain is set when crawling from a single website

20-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.18.0
* Added: Support for DomDetailer in Domain Auction Hunter
* Added: Support for DomDetailer in Web2.0 Hunter
* Added: Support for DomDetailer in non-Pro Accounts
Purchase DomDetailer Credits from
* Added: Option to Log-out from the Help menu
* Added: Option to crawl off-site when using website crawler
* Improved: DomDetailer checking code more CPU efficient
* Improved: Added more error checking in DomDetailer handling code
* Improved: Fallback code for Moz stats
* Fixed: Moz DA being reported as Moz PA in Domain Auction Hunter domain list

16-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.17.0
* Fixed: Bug preventing from continuing when a malformed webpage is in the crawl list

16-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.16.0
* Improved: Age stat now using Wayback Machine API for better stability
* Improved: Quicker ending of scraping on fully crawled sites
* Fixed: Issue with searching with unsupported language / country combinations

16-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.15.0
* Improved: Proxy applied at time of use for lower CPU usage
* Improved: User-Agent applied at time of use for lower CPU usage
* Improved: All crawlers now correctly stay on site
* Improved: Country List option in Expired DOmain Hunter now correctly only allows for 1 country to be selected
* Improved: Language List option in Expired DOmain Hunter now correctly only allows for 1 language to be selected
* Fixed: Update notes not being properly line separated

12-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.14.0
* Improved: Hubpages availability checking

10-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.12.0
* Improved: Proxy handling in built in Proxy Tester module

06-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.11.0
* Improved: Added some more unregisterable domains to block domain list
* Improved: Website splitting by comma for expired domain hunter crawling website option
* Improved: Error handling in Expired domain hunter

06-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.10.0
* Improved: Dropped CPU usage by a large margin without affecting running speed at all
* Improved: LiveJournal no longer shows sub accounts as available

05-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.9.0
* Fixed: MozRank from DomDetailer now corrected
* Updated: Whois list for some TLDs
* Updated: TLD list
* Improved: Changed "Crawled Pages: Must Contain" label to read "Crawled URLs: Must Contain"

05-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.8.0
* Added: Date range for searching for web2.0 accounts
* Improved: Web2.0 searching improvements
* Improved: DrupalGardens web2.0 checking accuracy improved
* Improved: Snappages web2.0 checking accuracy
* Improved: Jimdo web2.0 checking accuracy

04-07-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.7.0
* Added: Option to set limit to pages per crawl level in expired domain hunter via Settings tab
* Added: Another whois server for .de domains to increase whois request limit

30-06-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.6.0
* Fixed: Bug in DomDetailer API

29-06-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.5.0
* Added: Option to crawl specific sites in Domain Auction Hunter
* Improved: Naming for unique search results in Web 2.0 Hunter Form
* Improved: Slight changes to web request code

26-06-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.3.0
* Fixed: Removed test text from Web2.0 Hunter search keyword input box

25-06-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.2.0
* Updated: Expired Account Finder
* Updated: Expired Account Finder
* Improved: Expired links in Web2.0 account list now directs browser to homepage
* Updated: Checked and tweaked all expired web2.0 checking scripts

22-06-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.1.0
* Improved: TLD list shortened to remove unregisterable domains
* Improved: Bug in DomDetailer API not disabling when set as so
* Improved: DomDetailer credits now applied automatically when new payment received or subscription started
* Fixed: DomDetailer using too many credits fixed, all users' credits reset for the month

20-06-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.4.0.0
* Added: (BETA) Free Moz and Majestic stat checking for Pro users
* Added: Pagerank is now checked as part of the built in detail checker for expired domain hunter
* Added: Google Index state is now checked as part of the built in detail checker for expired domain checker
* Added: Yahoo Index stats is now checked as part of the built in detail checker for expired domain miner
* Improved: Godaddy auction links fixed
* Improved: Saving of web2.0 accounts by pressing Enter key
* Improved: Login Form now warns against unsupported passwords
* Improved: Login system improvements

16-06-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.20.0
* Fixed: CPU over use bug fixed

16-06-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.19.0
* Added: Check for redirecting DNS servers for better compatibility
* Improved: Lowered CPU usage while checking Domain availability

02-06-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.18.0
* Added: Output available domains while still searching / crawling
* Added: Output all domains while still searching / crawling
* Added: Output all domains at the end of the searching / crawling process
* Updated: TLD list, extended to 2.9k domain TLDs supported
* Improved: Better previous domain checks
* Improved: Better database error handling
* Improved: Reduced number of redundant pop-ups

31-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.17.0
* Improved: Minimize button in Expired Domain Hunter placement
* Improved: Minimize button in Web2.0 Hunter placement
* Improved: Minimize button in Expired Domain Hunter now works as expected
* Improved: Minimize button in Web2.0 Hunter now works as expected
* Improved: Whois server list sorting for better identification of correct whois server for specific domains

30-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.16.0
* Improved: Updated User Agent strings for better crawling compatibility
* Improved: User agent application
* Imrpoved: Web request code

30-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.15.0
* Improved: Better 64bit Support
* Improved: Lowered overall memory use in expired domain hunter
* Improved: Handling of larger imported page lists
* Improved: Better 64 bit support for database handling
* Improved: Importing pages to crawl from file

29-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.14.0
* Improved: Reduced overloading of temp queue

27-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.12.0
* Improved: Cleaned up 11 unregisterable domains
* Improved: Whois availability checking improved
* Improved: Added whois server for domains

26-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.11.0
* Improved: Added specific handling of crawl depth 0 lists
* Improved: Added specific handling of crawl depth 1 lists
* Improved: Fixed bug in domain detail checker

26-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.10.0
* Added: Save settings button to Expired Domain Hunter Search Settings tab
* Fixed: Bug in TLD checking

26-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.9.0
* Improved: New efficient methods of checking for TLD
* Improved: Lowered memory usage
* Improved: Crawling speed improved
* Improved: Availability checking improvements

25-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.8.0
* Added: Filter by TLD now prevent expired domain hunter from checking domains not from a filtered TLD
* Added: New crawling and limiting system
* Improved: Deleting domain from list working again from delete key
* Improved: Fixed bug in adding domains to availability checking list that have already been checked

23-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.7.0
* Added: Moz PA checking for all domain types
* Improved: Accuracy for expired domain hunter

16-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.6.0
* Improved: Majestic detail checking
* Improved: More Stats => Majestic now adapts to your option of whether to get stats as root domain or not

16-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.5.0
* Improved: Detail checking while manipulating domain list
* Improved: Login system on Windows XP machines

15-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.4.0
* Improved: Resizing of Must Contain input works as expected
* Improved: Resizing of Must Not Contain input works as expected

15-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.3.0
* Added: Search domains based on date (limited to Google)
* Improved: Whois server update for indian based domains
* Improved: Added some more TLDs to not check (education institute domains)

13-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.2.0
* Fixed: Bug in Expired Domain Hunter causing pages not to be added to crawl list when no text entered to must contain and must not contain boxes

12-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.1.0
* Improved: Page must contain improvements
* Improved: Page must not contain improvements

11-05-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.3.0.0
* Added: Store large datasets to database when crawling for expired domains
* Added: Entirely new website crawling code
* Added: Crawling page must contain text
* Added: Crawling page must not contain text
* Improved: Majestic details checking
* Fixed: Removed duplicate hubpages entry in Web2.0 list

30-04-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.2.1.0
* Added: Master database for storing quality checked domains

28-04-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.2.1.0
* Added: Updated whois server list for better accuracy

27-04-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.2.1.0
* Added: Updated whois checks on 20+ TLDs

25-04-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.2.0.0
* Added: Domain caching to prevent re-analysing of domains previously analysed
* Added: Analysing of unchecked domains
* Added: Default option of domain analysis now unchecked domains
* Added: Option in settings tab for paid or free moz API account

25-04-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.1.19.0
* Added: Free Moz stats improvements

23-04-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.1.18.0
* Added: Option to check Majestic stats of root domain OR http://www.domain.tld
* Added: Prevention of adding documents and files to pages to crawl list
* Added: Better thread termination on closing

23-04-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.1.17.0
* Added: Hundreds of TLDs
* Added: Crawling page limit increase for faster more efficient running of multiple depths
* Added: Improved crawling and checking of domains from .gov, .edu, .ac, .mil and more TLDs
* Fixed: Crawling bug

22-04-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.1.16.0
* Fixed: bug in availability checking .nl domains

21-04-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.1.15.0
* Added: CSV output only outputs visible Domain List Columns
* Added: CSV output shows same column ordering as in Domain List
* Added: Quick deleting now possible by selecting a Domain from the list and pressing "del" key

20-04-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.1.14.0
* Added: Update notes
* Added: Indicator to show how many Web2.0 sites are selected
* Added: Keyword amount indicator added to Expired Domain Hunter
* Added: Minimize button added to Expired Domain Hunter
* Added: Minimize button added to Web2.0 Hunter
* Added: Minimize button added to Auction Hunter

19-04-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.1.13.0
* Fixed: Crawling of .nl websites
* Fixed: Checking of .nl domains
* Fixed: Crawling of .fr websites
* Fixed: Checking of .fr domains

17-04-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.1.12.0
* Added: Improvements to websiet crawling code
* Added: Improvements to domain checking code

17-04-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.1.11.0
* Added: Support for crawling websites without the preceeding http://
* Added: Support for crawling websites without the preceeding http:// from .txt lists

16-04-2015 Domain Hunter Gatherer v1.1.10.0
* Added: support for IPv6 resolving IPv4 proxies
* Added: Better Proxy Checking overall
* Added: Improved failing of proxy test on poorly formatted proxies
* Removed: Remnants of old expired domain hunter of "possibly" available domains
* Added: Ability to load software using the app file as well as the intended Loader