Domain Quality / Spam Check

There are a number of metrics that can be used to give an indication of the all round quality of a domain and whether it has a history of spam content or backlinks.

Manually checking all of the usual indicators of expired domain quality doesn’t usually take an enormous amount of time, maybe just 10 minutes per domain in some cases, but when you want to check many domains a day you can quickly find yourself in a position where most of your day is being taken up by running domains through the same battery of tests every day.

The usual checks / tests a professional domainer will check to determine the quality of a domain are below:

  • Basic Trust metrics (usually Majestic Trust Flow)
  • Check that Wayback Machine contains a number of snapshots
  • Check the content of the wayback snapshots for:
    Amount of Content
    Language of Content
    Search for occurrences of bad words (profanity, adult, gaming and pharma based words)
  • Check amount of backlinks
  • Check for bad words in anchor text of backlinks
  • Check for bad words in link address of backlinks
  • Check anchor text distribution to ensure sufficient variation in backlinks anchor texts

Running the above barrage of checks can be time consuming when going through lists of domains but luckily now Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro can performs these checks for you in a matter of seconds giving the domains a star rating to all viable domains.


Running the Domain Quality Spam Test

As stated previously the checks performed will take just seconds per domain and conveniently setting up the test takes a similarly short amount of time.

  1. Ensure your domain list has had it’s Majestic stats checked
    Domain Hunter Gatherer’s expired domain spam checks’ first step is to ensure that the domain itself has at least a reasonable trust metric which is based on Majestic’s Trust Flow, if the domain has not had it’s Majestic Trust Flow figured out yet it will be out rightly ignored as a domain with less than TF of 7 will be worthless in the eyes of the vast majority of buyers and sellers when buying based on stats for a PBN.Usually the Majestic stats of a domain will be determined whenever an expired domain is found in a scrape or crawl for available domains.
  2. Select which domains you wish to check
    The expired domain quality check is performed from the Analyse Domains tab so you must go to this tab to start the test running.From this tab simply select the domains you want to check from the drop down menu; All domains, only Selected Domains etc.
  3. Choose the Domain Spam check option
    The analyse domains tab has a large number of stats and details that DHG can quickly check but to check the domain quality you may first want to Deselect All other options by right clicking on the list of options and choosing Deselect All and then scrolling down to check the “Domain Spam” option to only check whether the domain passes the domain spam checks
  4. Start the Tests
    All that is left to do now is to click the Start Analysis button and allow Domain Hunter Gatherer to check the Spam level of all of your selected domains.


Expired Domain Spam Quality Test Results

When the domains have been checked you will see an icon appear in the “Domain Spam” column. There are 5 levels of result for the Domain Spam test, these are shown below:

Expired Domain Spam Test

As you can see above there are a number of levels of quality that may be returned from the domain quality test.

  1. Unchecked – this means the domain has not been checked yet
  2. Checked: Spam Check Failed – This means that there was at least one major failure in the test and the domain is likely to be of very poor quality
  3. Checked: 1 star – This means that the domain was determined to be of good quality in some tests but likely failed others or had insufficient links to be able to determine decisively whether it is a good domain. It may be worth looking a bit deeper into this domain
  4. Checked: 2 stars – Most tests were passed satisfactorily but something failed meaning it is probably a good domain but may need a manual look before deciding to buy or not.
  5. Checked: 3 stars – All tests were passed without any problems.


Double Checking Low – Medium Quality Domains

Giving the 2 and 3 star domains a double check doesn’t have to be done entirely manually or even involve any 3rd party services or tools.

When a domain is sent through the Quality Spam Check some important information about the tests performed are added to the domains’ notes, this information can be vital in understanding why a domain received just 1 or 2 stars instead of a 3 star rating.

Some common causes of lower than expected quality ratings can be due to a single backlink out of 10s or even 100s having a bad word in it or some foreign alphabet characters. For some users the existence of a single suspect link could be enough to warrant not purchasing a domain but for most it would be perfectly fine as some bad words are found within normally fine words.

You can view the notes of a domains very easily by right clicking on the domain you are interested in and clicking the “View Notes” option to get a breakdown of the results from the domain quality test.