Big April Sale 15% extra off pre-discounted packages – Newsletter 19 April 2018

This is a web based version of the email newsletter, it may not be exactly the same as the newsletter but the content is representative of what was sent out to users.

This weekend saw the best expired domain hunting and analysis software being offered at an amazing 15% discount over the already discounted multi-month subscriptions.

The discount was initially intended to only be available for the weekend but no deadline was stated in the announcment email so I have made the decision to delay the ending of the promotion until this Friday 20th April.

Don’t delay, get involved now to save big

Right now there is not a huge amount more to say other than jump on the gravy train while it is still choo chooing along as this deal will not be up forever.

Some of you don’t yet know…

We have (and always have) a section on our website for discounted deals on proxies, hosting and other essential services. We are looking to revamp this section to provide some more, and possibly better, deals to serve you guys better.

If you have any services that you would like to see added here just let us know so that we can look into some great deals for you guys.

Big love to you all.

Domain Hunter Gatherer