How To Install Domain Hunter Gatherer on Windows 11

Here you will see exactly how to install Domain Hunter Gatherer on Windows 8.1, 10 and 11. The images in this guide are from a completely new install of Windows 11 (hence using Edge browser) with no extra software or services installed but the process is the same for Windows 8.1 and 10.

Step 1) Go To Members Area

Open your favourite browser and go to the Domain Hunter Gatherer Members Area and login.

Step 2) Download The Installer

Download the installer for Domain Hunter Gatherer which can be found in the “Active Resources” list on the main page of the members area

Step 3) Install Domain Hunter Gatherer

Open the installer and use the installer to quickly and easily install the software. Installing everything to the default folder will ensure the smoothest experience.

Step 4) First Run – Login

The first time you open the software you will be prompted to login to the software and once you have logged in the software will perform an automatic update to the latest version. It is possible the software restarts a couple of times while it ensures everything is fully up to date, if you get prompted for your login details twice do not be worried, this is quite normal on the first run.

Step 5) Find some Awesome Expired Domains

That really is all you need to do to get Domain Hunter Gatherer installed. If you have a Pro license you already have what is needed to find expired domains and get their important stats.

To improve the running of the software and to prevent IP blocks you may want to go through the Settings tab and make sure you have your proxies settings at least setup, assuming you are going to be using proxies.

We will have many new guides coming to show you how you can get DHG setup properly and running at it’s best, stay tuned and be sure to checkout our Video Guides on Youtube for video