If you have been into SEO for a while you will have noticed a steady rising trend in expired domains and how everyone is talking about them and how to find them. The reason for all of this expired domain talk is because they have become the corner stone of every top end SEO and an easy way to rank any website quickly, reliably and safely.

In the past it was expensive, time consuming and, most of all, complicated to try and find good quality expired domains but luckily this has all changed with the introduction of the awesome Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro. In 2016 Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro totally revolutionized the process of searching for expired domains combining tools and functions that encompass every method that has been used for finding expired domains and checking their quality.

Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro also comes with all of the great tools and features included in Domain Hunter Gatherer Free and Domain Hunter Gatherer Premium

Multiple Expired Domain Scraping Tools in One

Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro is a single package but is actually comprised of a number of powerful tools that are absolutely essential for anyone interested in searching for expired domains, checking and comparing their quality and then resurrecting them with their content.

  • Hunt From Keywords
  • Hunt From Websites
  • Reverse Hunt Domains
  • DomRecovery
  • DomDetailer credits
  • How to Make Money Using Aged Domains (Exclusive eBook guide)
  • Building a Sustainable PBN The Smart Way (Exclusive eBook guide)

Niche Expired Domains From Keywords

Easily find expired domains with links from sites that are currently ranking for your keywords. The expired niche domains can be found by simply entering in your keywords and letting Domain Hunter Gatherer do all of the work of searching in Google, Bing and Yahoo then crawling the sites in the rankings and checking eth availability of all linked domains.

Finding niche related domains has never been so easy with more than 6 separate processes all fully automated to make short work of a job that was once a mammoth task.

Hunt From Websites

With DHG Pro you can find expired domains with backlinks from any authority website or even from your competitors website. All you need to do is enter in the website (or websites) you want to crawl and then set how many levels deep you want to go and hit the Crawl button and DHG Pro will go about automating the whole process of crawling, dupe removal, availability checking and even quality checking of Moz and Majestic stats and other stats while you, the user, do something else.

Another great use for this tool is to load in a list of websites to do a simple scrape for availability of domains, often referred to as seed list scraping. This is good for those that want a bit more control over their crawling and would prefer to use a separate tool for scraping search rankings and just have DHG Pro doing the crawling, availability and quality checking of the domains.

Reverse Hunt Domains

An expired domain reverse search or reverse search for expired domains is probably one of the lesser known tactics in finding expired domains but this is more down to most people not being aware of how to fully utilise this feature or why you would do this over a regular website crawl for expired domains.

The main benefit that a reverse hunt for dropped domains is that you can find domains that share links with your competitors. This feature is absolutely amazing when you are wanting to build a small to medium PBN to overtake your competition and dominate a specific niche / keyword.


Building even a small Private Website Network, or PBN as they are often referred to, can be a very lengthy process with content creation taking up the bulk of that time. Setting up a single domain can take just a few minutes but putting on a unique website design and content can take weeks per website.

Building a PBN by hand is an incredibly laborious task and paying someone else to do it can be very costly and result in poor quality sites that do not pass a manual review. Luckily DomRecovery can help with this by rebuilding a previous domain to its former glory allowing you to download it and then upload it wholesale to your domain.

DomRecovery will recover a website exactly as it appears in the Internet Archive‘s Wayback Machine all set and ready to be uploaded in one move. Simply upload all of the files exactly as they are downloaded and you will have an entire website with design and content online in a matter of minutes with just a few steps needed by you.


DomDetailer is an amazing service that allows you to check the important Moz and Majestic stats for the dropped domains found by Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro. These important stats will be checked automatically whenever a registerable domain is found.

While all Domain Hunter Gatherer accounts can utilise the DomDetailer system only Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro includes 50,000 credits for every subscription month.

Exclusive Ebook GuidesHow to Make MOney Using Aged Domains

Currently Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro comes with 2 massively informative eBook guides that are absolutely exclusive to Domain Hunter Gatherer users:

How to Make Money with Aged Domains

Helpful eBook guide covering everything from why you would use aged domains through to how they can be used

Building a Sustainable PBN the Smart WayBuilding a Sustainable PBN The Smart Way

New for 2016 this exclusive 33 page eBook guide which gives more detail specifically about what a PBN is, why they are so popular and how they can be built in a sustainable manner to ensure it is usable and providing SEO benefits for years to come.



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