And we are Live!

At long last we finally have our blog up and running.

Since release we have had a fleshed out Frequently Asked Questions section with answers to some of the more common purchasing, setup and support questions, video guides to guide through some of the more common uses of all of the tools in Domain Hunter Gatherer but until now there has been no place to announce new video guides, special offers or additions of tools and services to the Domain Hunter Gatherer package.

Lots of people, for example, are unaware that Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro comes with 50k credits for checking the Moz and Majestic stats of domains every single month, and that it also comes with full use of DomRecovery.

DomRecovery was added to the Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro package a few months ago at no extra cost to all customers and can be used for resurrecting dead websites from expired domains for use on your domains. This is an amazing resource for building out your PBN of websites and can save many hours of time and cost per website you want to publish to your PBN.

This blog will have regular updates whenever major updates are released or new tools are added to any of the DHG packages and will be a central hub for all news and updates for DHG and even limited time special offers.


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