Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchasing Questions

Domain Hunter Gatherer has a sliding scale of cost which means that if your budget is limited and you are just looking for a couple of valuable domains you can actually download and use the software completely free of charge.

As your needs increase it is possible to get huge gains with the affordable upgrades available. You can check the latest prices for the different user levels on the Domain Hunter Gatherer homepage.

Currently all major payment methods are accepted to ensure availability for users in all regions including:

  • Paypal (Recommended)
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Local Bank Transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Skrill / Moneybookers
  • Pay by mail, fax or telephone
Bitcoin payments are currently not supported but will be added soon. If you have any specific required payment type that is not currently supported please do not hesitate to get in touch.

All accounts are delivered immediately after sign up when the payment has cleared which is usually instant or within a couple of minutes.

If there is ever a delay in receiving your account simply get in touch and it will be sorted right away.

Each license can be installed on as many machines as you like but will only run on a single machine at any one time.

Each machine can run multiple instances if you have many jobs you wish to work on at once.

There is a 7 day refund guarantee for all paid subscriptions for Domain Hunter Gatherer.

This means that for any reason you can get your most recent payment refunded in full.

All that we ask for refunds is that they be requested at support, do not go to the payment processor and file a complaint / dispute or claim as that will result in needless delays and ultimately could result in the refund being held.

All refunds will be handled as quickly as possible providing no spurious disputes or claims are filed at the payment processor.

If you receive a refund for any payment and do not wish to be charged again you should cancel your subscription. It is your responsibility to cancel your subscription via your Paypal recurring payments page. Multiple refunds will not be given for the same account if the reason for subsequent refunds (i.e after the first refund) is because you simply did not cancel the subscription with Paypal a refund will not be given.

If you do not receive your account details immediately after your payment clears you should contact support right away via

Contacting support will ensure you get prompt support in receiving your account so that you can begin building your domain empire as quickly as possible.

Software Questions

The minimum system requirements for Domain Hunter Gatherer are actually really low and any system or affordable VPS should be able to run the software and use it for finding some great domains right away. However with more CPU cores, RAM and a good internet connection it can really stretch it's legs and find more domains.

Minimum Specs:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2003, Server 2008, Server 2012 or more recent Windows
  • 512MB Ram
  • 8Mb+ Internet Connection
Recommended Specs
  • Windows 7+ / Server 2008+ 64-bit
  • 2+ Core CPU
  • 4GB+ Ram
  • 100Mbit Dedicated Connection
  • Private Proxies

Most things in Domain Hunter Gatherer can be done without proxies but to really get the most from the software it is strongly advised that users invest in some quality shared or private proxies.

Proxies will allow you to check the quality of more domains with better accuracy and as such it is important that only private or semi-private proxies be used. Public proxies will never give the accuracy or reliability needed.

The proxy providers below have been proven to be reliable and have great support; providing proxies to users for years.

Recommended Proxy providers:

As the different proxy providers listed will have differing prices it is advised you check all before purchasing to get the best deal.

Domain Hunter Gatherer is updated at loading time automatically to ensure the software is always running as optimally as possible.

There is never a need to manually update or change any files as it is all handled automatically when you start up the software.

Unlike software that helps to find domains to purchase there are absolutely no limits to the number of domains that can be found with Domain Hunter Gatherer.

Whether you are using the free version or Pro version you can literally find as many domains as you wish to find without any limits.

All of the domains found will have varying levels of quality but the beauty of Domain Hunter Gatherer is that it allows you to test the quality of lists of thousands of domains with the click of a button.

This functionality gives you the power to filter out any unwanted domains to find only the high value domains.

There is no set schedule for updates but they will be released often.

Previous software of ours has seen over 300 updates which have included many features additions and improvements as well as bug fixes.

If a bug is discovered or reported it will be fixed as soon as possible and released as soon as a fix is available.

I am also happy to include any useful feature that is requested as well so if you feel there is anything that could improve the tool then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

In a word, yes.

All of my software is absolutely free of any kind of malware and will never be packaged with any stealth installers so you won't experience any kind of unexpected behaviour with your machine when using Domain Hunter Gatherer.


You can easily import a list of domains to check the quality of them in any version of Domain Hunter Gatherer (even the free version).

If you wish to check whether a list of domains is available for registration then you will require a Pro license as that has the functionality for finding dropped and available domains but checking the quality of domains is available in all versions.

Support Questions

As with any software there will occasionally be a bug or unexpected behaviour.

If you ever spot a bug or think that something is not expected behaviour then simply get in touch via email at and we will get it fixed and updated as soon as possible

You can use the helpdesk system in the members area to get in direct contact with our support or if you are willing to wait a little longer you can email at

We sure do, lots of them.

All of our video guides are here.

Account and License Questions

First you will want to login to the members area.

On the first page shown when logged in you will see a section labelled "Active Resources". In this section there is a download link for the "Domain Hunter Gatherer Setup", this is an easy to use installer for Domain Hunter Gatherer.

Click the download link and choose to run the file. This will install the software and place an icon to your desktop and start menu.

To run your software once it is installed just double click the icon, after a short update check it will open up and you can begin finding and checking teh quality of domains right away.

There are 2 ways to change your password depending on whether you know your current password or not.

If you know your current password Login to the Domain Hunter Gatherer Members Area then click on the "Edit Profile" link. On this page simply enter your current password and whatever new password you want to change it to and hit the "Save Profile" button.

If you do not know your current password Go to the Domain Hunter Gatherer Members Area login page and enter your email address into the "Lost Password?" control. This will email you a link that you can follow to reset your password to a new one.

When you sign up you will enter an email address to tie to your account, this is where all of your account details are sent.

Your account details can be used for logging into the members area where you can download the latest software and view support materials such as written and video guides.

Affiliate Program Questions

Domain Hunter Gatherer actually has a great affiliate program with a sliding scale of payments where all affiliates will receive 40% of all sales made including every subscription payment after that point.

What this means is that for all sign ups for the pro version at £47 a month you will receive £18.80 every single month each user maintains their subscription.

To help all affiliates we have had a bunch of effective marketing materials professionally created including visually striking banners, pre-written articles, marketing emails and videos. With all of these great marketing materials you can start promoting and selling right away with the most minimum of effort.

If you have any questions regarding becoming an affiliate please just get in touch at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

All marketing materials are available once you have signed up for your free account (necessary to become an affiliate).

Every affiliate will earn commissions on every payment made by their referred customers which includes every monthly rebill as well as the first payment.

Commission: 40%

All that is needed to become an affiliate is to sign-up for a free account and activate your affiliate status.

When signed up you will be able to get your affiliate links and marketing materials (banners, emails, articles etc) from the link labelled "Affiliate Info".

From the Affiliate Info section you will be able to generate affiliate links to any page of the website, track your referrals and setup payment information. Every you need to get earning money every month with Domain Hunter Gatherer is in that section and it is all available absolutely free.

Signing up as an affiliate is really very simple, all that is required is for you to sign up for your totally free account at this page here choosing the "Domain Hunter Gatherer Free" option to get your free account.

When you have your account you can sign into it at the members area login page and gain access to all of the great free marketing materials that can be used to promote Domain Hunter Gatherer and start earning today.

In the members area for all affiliates you will find many banners for easy placement onto your website or blog along with link text generators for linking back to any page on the Domain Hunter Gatherer website.

As well as the usual banner advertisements you will also find articles that can be posted to your website along with your affiliate links.

For email marketers we have pre-written email copy that can be used for instantly sending out to your subscriber base to get started with minimal effort.

As creators of many products in the past we are well aware of how far support materials for users can go to push potential purchasers to order in less time so we have created a vast array of written guides, video guides and FAQs to ensure that any potential purchaser is comfortable with their purchase and therefore more likely to purchase.

Once you have signed up as an affiliate there are many ways that you can start earning money right away.

If you have an email subscriber list you can use our pre-written email sales copy to send out directly to your subscribers.

If you are doing article marketing you can make use of the pre-written articles that can be posted out along with your affiliate link. If you really want your articles promoting Domain Hunter Gatherer to stand out you can rewrite sections of it to ensure it is unique and drives your referrals up higher. Rewriting articles can be done very quickly with a text rewriting software. WordAI is renowned for producing very clear rewritten text that is very readable and natural looking and will take just seconds to generate a new article from our source articles for your uses.

If you have a website or blog that you are using to promote products you can use the great looking banners to put up an advert or two to your website to drive some commissions. Using the banners in conjunction with a short guide on how to use the software tailored to your audience would be a great way to generate interest in the software and then prompt your reader to purchase.

Affiliates will receive 40% commission on every sale and monthly subscription payment for each user you refer. Every referred user will be tracked as your referral for 90 days so if any of your referrals purchase within 90 days of visiting your affiliate link you will receive credit.

No affiliate may sign up using their own referral code. Any affiliate that does such will have their commissions for that sale void and will not be paid out.

Any user trying to defraud the system by taking advantage of black hat methods such as cookie stuffing will have their account deactivated and commissions will not be paid out.

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