What are Expired Domains and Why they are used?

Expired domains are often better options that brand new ones, but why is that? To fully understand why expired domains are so appealing and more appealing than new ones, there are lots of things you need to learn. Of course, it all comes back to SEO and wanting your website to be as easy to find as it can be. Expired domains certainly have benefits, but rather than blindly accepting that, we should look at what expired domains are and why they’re used.

That’s what we’re going to discuss now, so even if all this sounds confusing and illogical to you right now, read on because all will be explained. Sure, you’d think that new domains are more costly than the expired ones (or vice versa), but it doesn’t play out that way. Find out about all this below.

What Are Expired Domains?

An expired domain is an old domain that had been used by a website but was never renewed for whatever reason. Website domains expire all the time and if they’re not renewed, they can be sold and bought. These domains still come with the history of that previous website attached to them, and it’s this that can be useful to website owners buying them. They have authority with search engines because they have a history of content and backlinks.

Domains can be sold online and bought by pretty much anyone. The expired domain becomes useful because it can be used to host a person’s website or it can be used to direct backlinks to their other websites. Each of these functions can help boost SEO, and that’s the major reasons to use expired domains. It’s about giving your SEO a boost and making it easier to rank for key terms on Google results pages.

It can provide one website with a small but significant SEO boost, meaning they they’ll have a small edge over the competition. That’s not something that can be ignored because when businesses are trying to get ahead in a competitive online landscape, having that small advantage over the competition can really mean a lot.

The Same Costs for Expired and New Domains

One of the things that makes buying an expired domain, with all the history and backlinks that come with it, over a new domain is that the prices are not different. So why would you want a fresh domain that you’re going to have to gradually build from scratch over time when you could choose an expired option that has a whole history just sitting there waiting for you to take advantage of. This price similarity is one of the things that make expired domains so popular to website owners.

Everyone wants to get as much as possible for your money, so if you’re going to pay the same price for a new domain as you would for an expired one, it makes the decision very easy indeed. You can’t afford to be wasting money; no website owner can. And by making the choice to buy an expired domain, you will be spending on SEO as well as the necessity of the domain itself, which makes it money well spent.

The Benefits That Come With Expired Domains

Expired domains can help you to increase traffic to your website and target the right kind of traffic. Old domains can give you the traffic boost you need when you’re trying to grow your website, and everyone knows how important good traffic can be. It’s a built-in benefit of using an expired domain for your website, and it’s one that you should definitely keep in mind because gaining traffic increases via other means is never an easy thing to do.

When Google is assessing your website and deciding how to rank it, one of the things that it takes into account is the age of the domain. Google likes domains that are more established, so using an aged one over a brand new one is a great way to ensure you get a more favourable treatment from Google, which is essential to your SEO. A new domain won’t have any authority with Google because it won’t yet be seen as established or trustworthy, which is obviously a problem for your website.

The backlink profile that the expired domain has already established over time will also help you when it comes to ranking on Google. If there are good, authority links in place, it can really give your website the SEO boost you’re probably looking for. It’s something that you can’t ignore, and it’s one of the main reasons why people choose expired domains over new ones. A new domain won’t have any authority links attached to it and you won’t benefit the way you can from an expired domain.

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In Conclusion

When someone decides now to renew a domain, it brings opportunities to website owners like you who might want to buy that domain and the history that comes with it. Some people will choose to make these domains their primary sites and others will use them to forward from to their main website. They’re certainly of huge benefit, no matter which of these approaches in taken.

A lot can be achieved by buying and using expired domains to your advantage, as long as the right approach to it is taken. It’s not always a sure thing because some domains do come with problems and don’t produce the desired results, but there are plenty of them that can and do perform for expired domain buyers.