Expired Web2.0 and Blog Hunter

Easily find expired web2.0 accounts with backlinks and social shares

All webmasters are aware of the power of links from high authority Web2.0 and blogging platforms such as Tumblr, Wordpress and Blogspot but what most are unaware of is that there are thousands of quality accounts with history, backlinks and social signals ready and waiting to be registered for free.

Finding expired web2.0 accounts

Expired Web2.0 Hunter in Action

Enter your keywords and find available expired domains

The Web2.0 and blog account finder built into Domain Hunter Gatherer is like no other tool out there as it automates the whole process of gathering large lists of accounts on popular web2.0 and blogging platforms and then immediately checks for all available accounts.

Aged Web2.0 Hunter in Action

With just a keyword(s) you can find hundreds of expired web2.0. See how easy it really is in the video to the left.

Features Overview

  1. Find available aged web2.0 and blogging accounts from all major sites
  2. Accounts found on Tumblr, Blogspot, Wordpress, Weebly, OverBlog, LiveJournal, Tripod and much more
  3. Filter domains based on any quality metrics you could want
  4. Save and load lists of domains
  5. Save and load filter controls for use again later
  6. Supports domain age, PR, Social Shares, Moz stats, Majestic stats and much more
  7. Multi Threaded for speed
  8. Very Easy to setup
  9. Totally 100% Free

Though new accounts on highly trusted authority sites such as Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogspot and the like are great for filling out your website network they would be better if you were to spend time on each account creating a natural looking backlink pattern and social share history. This type of history is not possible to create over night so it can take time before you start to see the real benefit from them.

With Domain Hunter Gatherer Premium you are able to hunt out countless accounts that already have some amount of backlinks, social shares and genuine history. On top of this when you actually have a list of acounts you can find which ones have the best stats.

And yes, these accounts are all entirely free of charge. There are no setup fees, no ongoing costs just entirely free. You just have to hunt them down.

Filtering out your list of domains to whittle it down to the few great deals on quality domains is also a simple case of telling the software what domains you want and then you will have just the domains that fit this criteria.

Saving and loading your lists of domains is a simple mouse click away and you can even load up sets of filters that you have used in the past so you don't need to set it up every time.

If you want to see more videos about Domain Hunter Gatherer click here

Domain Hunter Gatherer Plans


Free Domain Auction Hunting

Totally Free

  • Domain Auction Hunting
  • Compare domains from all Auction sites
  • Easily Search Major Auction Sites
  • 35+ Quality Metrics
  • Great Video Guides
  • Totally free


Expired Web2.0 Hunting

$ 27 / month

  • Domain Auction Hunting
  • Find Web2.0s with Links and Social Shares
  • Register Unlimited Accounts for free
  • Enter Keywords and hit search
  • Multi-Threaded for speed
  • All features from Free version
  • 7 day money back guarantee


Ultimate Expired Domain Hunting Tools

$ 97/ month

  • Domain Auction Hunting
  • Find Web2.0s with Links and Social Shares
  • Quality aged domains from $10 or less
  • Crawl authority websites
  • Search for niche related expired domains
  • Reverse Crawl Websites
  • One of a Kind Domain Spam Check
  • Crawl millions of pages daily
  • All features from DHG Premium
  • 7 day money back guarantee
  • Moz and Majestic Stat Checking (50k/month)
  • Access to DomRecovery (worth $97)
  • Easy Expired Domains worth $47/month (Exclusive)

Basic Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2003+
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • 2Gb Ram

Recommended Specs

  • Windows 7+ or Server 2003+
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • 4Gb Ram
  • 2 CPU Cores or more

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