Domain Hunter Gatherer Refund Policy

There is a rolling 7 day refund guarantee for the latest payment of a user's subscription.

This means that for any reason you can get your most recent payment refunded in full for any reason providing it is requested in the manner mentioned below.

All that we ask for refunds is that they be requested at support, do not go to the payment processor and file a complaint / dispute or claim as that will result in needless delays and ultimately could result in the refund being held.

All refunds will be handled as quickly as possible providing no spurious disputes or claims are filed at the payment processor. If a dispute is raised at the payment provider it must be closed before a refund is issued, when the dispute is closed (providing it is not raised to a claim) the refund will be issued. If a dispute is raised to a claim it will be defended against to prevent abuse of the claims process.

Refunds are usually processed the day that they are requested and all that is necessary is to send an email or support ticket via the members area. The quickest way to ensure a speedy refund without incident and unnecessary delays is to just get in touch.

To get a refund you need to ensure that all of the following applies to the payment you wish to get a refund for:

  • Payment was made within the last 7 days of when it is requested
  • Payment is linked to a currently active subscription
  • There should be no open disputes / claims on the payment

If the payment you wish to be refunded fits the criteria above simply get in touch to start the refund process. If you wish to ensure the refund is processed as quickly as possible without any delays please read below to see how to best request your refund to prevent any delays

As stated above the best way to get a refund is to either send an email (reply to the DHG payment receipt) or to send a support ticket via the members area Helpdesk. A support ticket will get noticed and actioned significantly quicker than an email but both will get noticed the same day they are requested.

To get a refund as quickly as possible you should do / provide the following:

  • Send your request for a refund (support ticket is quickest)
  • Say why it is you are asking for a refund

That is it; if you do this you should have your refund issued the same day it is requested.

If you have already decided to go straight to a payment processor (Paypal or other) to file a dispute without even sending so much as an email first it will be requested that you close the dispute before the refund is processed.

Disputes and claims are potentially damaging to the reputation of a vendor and will always result in unnecessary delays and stress for both sides of the situation.

If you have filed a dispute without even getting in touch you are not giving the vendor a chance to quickly resolve any prolem you may have had without involving a third party. Also it is far more effort for all involved to login to the Paypal interface, find the payment, choose an irrelevant reason for the dispute and then fill in the form there than it is to simply send an email requesting the refund.

If you have filed a dispute in Paypal do not worry, you can still get a quick refund by closing it and then requesting it via the preferred methods. That is all. If the dispute is closed it need not delay a refund much, if at all, but if the dispute is left open or raised to a claim the refund will be delayed or refused as there is a longer process involved.

Just be polite

Requesting a refund needn't be a battle or a struggle. If you need a refund simply send your request, we are here to help all users and have no interest in petty squabbles or arguments.

The refund policy is clealry laid out on this page for everyone's benefit. Having a clearly laid out refund policy here is to ensure that everyone is able to know their rights and, if required, how to get a refund in the quickest and easiest manner without having to resort to demands or name calling.

We will always be respectful to those that are respectful towards us.

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