Domain Hunter Gatherer Affiliates Info

Want to get some extra profits aside to your own business? Promote software on your website through an advanced affiliate network.

What does it mean exactly?

Get 10%-20% commission for every referred sale on your website. Simply become a Dom Huga Ltd affiliate now!

How do I start off?

  1. Register as a Dom Huga Ltd affiliate in PayPro Global Affiliate System using this link
  2. Review Dom Huga Ltd affiliate campaign details (enrolled products and markets).
  3. Get approved by the Dom Huga Ltd (Affiliation agreement activation).
  4. Download all the product media found in your Affiliation Agreement together with the redirect link for potential customers.
  5. Place a display ad (banner) or a contextual promo on your website or blog.
  6. Get monthly payouts according to your affiliation agreement.

And you are good to go! PayPro Global takes care of the rest!

What are the benefits?

  • Easy implementation of the system.
  • Order processing, fraud management and customer support is handled for you.
  • Monitor and analyse your referral sales in reports.
  • Receive scheduled payouts by any suitable method.