Why buy Expired Domains?

In our domaining guides, we usually focus on topics around how to find expired domains, or more specifically expired domains with authority links, but we will often be asked the question “why buy expired domains” in the first place. When you’re looking for the right website domain, you have the choice of buying a new… Continue reading Why buy Expired Domains?

5 ways to monetize aged domains

You’re sat at your computer staring at a the screen full of expired domains just waiting to be registered. You’ve started using Domain Hunter Gatherer Pro and now your worries have shifted from “where will I find a great domain” to “how to monetize aged domains”. We’ve been in this position and it is a… Continue reading 5 ways to monetize aged domains

How to Register an Expired Domain

In today’s digital landscape, having a strong online presence is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. An expired domain can be a valuable asset for reviving your online presence, but the process of registering one can seem daunting. Registering an expired domain name doesn’t have to be complicated and is a similar process to registering… Continue reading How to Register an Expired Domain

How to Find Expired Domains

With 100s of thousands of domains expiring every day there are a lot of domains out there to sift through and finding the domains that you want isn’t always as simple as we would like. Luckily, we have tools that can make this process a lot simpler and less time consuming. An expired domain is… Continue reading How to Find Expired Domains

What makes for a good Aged Domain

When purchasing an aged domain, it’s important to do your research and make sure you’re getting a domain that will be valuable for your business. Aged domains can offer a number of benefits, including a history of high traffic, links from other websites, and strong brand identity. However, not all aged domains are created equal,… Continue reading What makes for a good Aged Domain