Expired Domain Hunter

Expired Domain Crawling has Never Been so Easy

Thousands of webmasters are buying premium domain names from auctions for large sums of money and they do this because they know that a quality aged domain can save years of hard work and stress of the uncertainty of whether it will pay off.

With Domain Hunter Gatherer you can now find aged domain names and snap them up for just the cost of registration. No high costs, no annoying bidding process, just let DHG find your domains and scoop up all of the domains you want.

Expired Domain Hunter

Finding Expired Domains

Hunt domains from any niche or with links from any authority website

There are 4 main ways in which you can find expired domains with DHG:

Search from Keyword
Enter in a list of keywords and search in search engines
Reverse Crawl
Find domains with links from pages linking to your competition
Crawl Website
Enter a website and let DHG crawl it to find expired domains
Crawl webpage list
Find available domains from your imported list of webpages

Expired Domain Hunter in Action

Watch how easy it is to find a large list of expired domains simply by entering a search keyword and hitting Search.

Features Overview

  1. Now comes bundled with 50k API calls for Majestic and Moz without accounts at either with DomDetailer
  2. Search for niche related expired domains by simply entering a keyword or keywords
  3. Crawl any website to find expired domains from an authority website or competitor
  4. Recover any website from the Internet Archive using DomRecovery
  5. Easy Expired Domains software included worth $47 per month
  6. Check quality of all domains and compare to find the best of the bunch
  7. Filter domains based on any quality metrics you could want
  8. Save and load lists of domains
  9. Save and load filter controls for use again later
  10. Supports domain age, PR, Social Shares, Moz stats, Majestic stats and much more
  11. Multi Threaded for speed
  12. Very Easy to setup
  13. Totally 100% Free

When searching from keyword DHG will take your list of keywords and search each one, the pages will then be crawled to find unique domains to check availability of. The process is relatively simple but very time consuming when done manually or semi automated as was necessary in the past. Luckily now the job can be set and left to work while you do something else.

Crawling a website is an incredibly powerful feature as it allows you to enter in an authority website in your niche and find domains with links from that domain. These domains are very powerful as they mean you are guaranteed a quality niche relevant link with the rest of the history of the used domain.

If you have a list of domains that you want to check you can also do this directly in DHG, this bypasses any crawling or searching if you prefer to just check the list.

Filtering out your list of domains to whittle it down to the few great deals on quality domains is also a simple case of telling the software what domains you want and then you will have just the domains that fit this criteria.

Saving and loading your lists of domains is s simple mouse click away and you can even load up sets of filters that you have used in the past so you don't need to set it up every time.

If you want to see more videos about Domain Hunter Gatherer click here


Domain Hunter Gatherer Plans


Free Domain Auction Hunting

Totally Free

  • Domain Auction Hunting
  • Compare domains from all Auction sites
  • Easily Search Major Auction Sites
  • 35+ Quality Metrics
  • Great Video Guides
  • Totally free


Expired Web2.0 Hunting

$ 27 / month

  • Domain Auction Hunting
  • Find Web2.0s with Links and Social Shares
  • Register Unlimited Accounts for free
  • Enter Keywords and hit search
  • Multi-Threaded for speed
  • All features from Free version
  • 7 day money back guarantee


Ultimate Expired Domain Hunting Tools

$ 109/ month

  • Domain Auction Hunting
  • Find Web2.0s with Links and Social Shares
  • Quality aged domains from $10 or less
  • Crawl authority websites
  • Search for niche related expired domains
  • Reverse Crawl Websites
  • One of a Kind Domain Spam Check
  • Crawl millions of pages daily
  • All features from DHG Premium
  • 7 day money back guarantee
  • Moz and Majestic Stat Checking (50k/month)
  • Access to DomRecovery (worth $97)
  • Easy Expired Domains worth $47/month (Exclusive)

Basic Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Server 2003+
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • 2Gb Ram

Recommended Specs

  • Windows 7+ or Server 2003+
  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • 4Gb Ram
  • 2 CPU Cores or more

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